Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our New Family Pets!

When Landon and I started dating and discussing what we each envisioned for our future family, we agreed that we were not going to have any pets. Now don't get us wrong, we enjoy other people's pets; we are not animal haters. We just did not want the work that comes along with pets, and neither of us were real excited about extra chores. Well, one of us caved in this week. When I saw these little babies, I just couldn't say no; I had to take them home.  We are the proud owners of five Orange Spotted Guyana roaches.  Actually they are being fed insecticide for a month, as part of my final science project in one of my biology labs.  They are from South America, and are not considered a pest.  This is probably why the biology department offered them for our experiment, with the rational that they were not spreading pests.  Anyways without further adieu, we thought we would introduce you to each of our new little pals.   We have named them after some of our favorite famous people, and are hoping that their names will inspire them all in the name of science!
This is Charles Darwin, Darwin for short.  Darwin the scientist is most famous for his Voyage of the Beagle which led to paper the "Origin of Species".  Plus, this picture of him in his black coat cracks me up; it makes him seem very mysterious.  Darwin the roach is not famous for much yet, other than receiving the highest concentration of insecticide.  However he will be very famous, if he lives and helps me get an A.
This is Sir Isaac Newton, or just Newton.  The scientist, mathematician, physicist, astronomer, alchemist, and theologian is most famous for being hit over the head with an apple; this led to his description to why we all don't float around.  He was a busy guy though, and made tons of contributions; most calculus students both thank and curse him for his equations.   He also invented the first working reflecting telescope.  No one, however, ever told me is about his hair!  Obviously this little roach has a lot to live up to, with his namesake.
This is Albert Einstein, we just call the roach Einstein.  The physicist, Einstein, is most famous for his work in physics, and is considered to be one of the most influential and famous scientist of all time. In the beginning of his career he did not feel that Newton's Laws were adequate enough, so went to work improving and expanding them with new laws.  If Newton and Einstein had been alive at the same time, there would have been some serious competition between to the two.  I'm hoping that these vibes will rub off on my roaches, and that they will be anxious to prove to be the stronger roach.  Lastly, my favorite quote about Einstein comes from another famous scientist Henry Eyring, a chemist.  Eyring had the pleasure of meeting and working with Einstein, and his book Reflections of a Scientist reflects the experience.  He states, "Einstein didn't know beans!" This statement is probably most true about the roach, and not the man.
This is Bill Nye the Science Guy, or Bill for short.  Bill Nye, real name Ross Schafer, is a comedian made famous for his T.V. series; it taught science to young children nation wide.  I guess the science or comedic career didn't work out, so now he is an inspiring song writer in Tennessee.  Not being named after a true scientist, this roach is receiving the least amount of insecticide.
Finally we come to one of my favorite named roaches, Flint Lockwood. Flint, the inventor is most known for his Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator (or the FLDSMDFR). I personally am a huge fan of his Spray On Shoes.  Here our own little Flint is demonstrating how surprisingly thirsty our new pets are, and how they are secretly enjoying the insecticide.

Now, you have officially met our new little buddies. Pray they stay alive for another four weeks, and help me get an A in biology!

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